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Early on, Advantage Electronic Product Development Inc. recognized the need for an integrated approach to assisting clients in achieving their goals of bringing products to market faster. This combination of innovative engineering, physical design and appropriate gradients to turnkey manufacturing maximizes our clients' market opportunities by bringing product solutions into existence nimbly and efficiently.

While focusing on the big picture, we pay precise attention to detail because technical competence is the key factor to an expedient and cost-effective design cycle. And we offer a multidisciplinary team with broad knowledge in relevant technologies and proven methodologies to fully implement our integrated approach. About Us »

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Today, companies in many industries are striving to stay focused on their core competencies by utilizing a strategy of outsourcing to specialists who complement and supplement their internal capabilities. This is no longer a nicety — it is fast becoming a necessity for remaining competitive.

Key benefits for outsourcing product development include:

  1. the ability to expense rather than capitalize the investment
  2. rapid access to proficient talent without long-term commitment, thus resolving the cyclic needs of development activities
  3. ability to develop new products with nominal internal knowledge, thus reducing the effects of daily operations and competing projects on development schedules and impacts on existing projects.

Our competence is demonstrated by the many designs we have successfully completed. You can be confident in outsourcing an entire project, or part of it. We have flexible options to meet your needs, and a team that can easily work with your internal engineering departments. As an agile firm with technical depth, proven development processes and project management practices, we are able to align our services to fit your budget, schedule or manpower constraints.

Whether you have an immediate and pressing problem to solve, a full development effort or just need some extra engineering support for a critical project, we can provide resourceful solutions you can rely on to bring product success.

Benefits to you

Advantage Electronic Product Development Inc. provides technical alternatives and reduces the costs associated with bringing on new personnel. You get a managed solution for rapid development, design, prototyping, and production. We can implement:

  • a thorough integration of all project components
  • expert engineering, project planning, adherence to a phased development process with check points at project stages and clearly defined deliverables.

Advantage can help you refine your concept, define the specification and — with careful consideration of the end goals in manufacturing and effective routine communication throughout a well-documented development process — move your product more rapidly and cost effectively through development to testing and production.

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Apple Peripherals Developer
Compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Apple Peripheral Development

These sophisticated devices are taking the world by storm and now you can leverage their capabilities and market penetration by integrating them with your own products. Advantage develops & manufactures peripherals that are compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. (All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries )

Turnkey Product Build / Manufacturing

Mobile Application Development Licensed for Interactive Peripheral and Electronics

We have kicked into a higher gear and taken another floor of the building for mobile app development. Advantage has been doing vertical integration in products that connect to, or work with, your iPhone, iPod, iPad and various touch devices since the technology became possible.

New Product Development / New Product Introduction

New Product Development / New Product Introduction

New products benefit from innovation, quality control and rapid time to market. Our New Product Development and Introduction Services include proven design and development methodologies, giving you an infrastructure you can feel secure about when engaging us to design and develop products that are beyond the scope of your core focus.

Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Engineering Services

Advantage Electronic Product Development Inc. offers a variety of electrical engineering services selected to provide fortification of our clients' bandwidth in the most flexible manner possible.

Embedded Design / Firmware

Embedded Design / Firmware

Extensive experience designing hardware and firmware concurrently, from the ground up to ensure interoperability and an efficient design makes embedded and microcontroller designs a particular strength for Advantage's electrical engineering team.

Printed Circuit Board Layout

Printed Circuit Board Layout

Even the best engineering can be undermined by poor printed circuit board layout. Our PCB layout services directly address the physical design challenges in today's high-performance electronic equipment.

Turnkey Product Build / Manufacturing

Turnkey Product Build / Manufacturing

Time and money are too often lost in the development and manufacture of electronic products and printed circuit boards through disjointed relationships between process phases. Advantage can serve as a team-mate who understands the flow of electronic product development projects — and can ensure smooth progression and manufacturing success.

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