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Apple Compatible Peripherals

As consumers embrace interactive electronics it is important to consider the level of ease they are accustomed to when bringing your new ideas to market. Users have become accustomed to the simple interfaces with the immense capability they get with their mobile applications. They will not tolerate convoluted interfaces or clunky hardware. This has always been true to some degree but it is more important now than ever. The evolving technologies of mobile applications dictate a necessity for a simple and elegant interface with high-level capability. It can be a challenge to achieve these qualities when using complex technologies and concepts. Fortunately Apple has provided a platform that accomplishes just that.

As a developer Advantage puts the simplicity and elegance of Apple compatible peripherals into your design bringing technological innovation and the benefit of Apple’s market penetration to your products.

  • Peripherals that interact with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
  • Apple framework allows us to implement fun, creative infrastructure and key features for interaction with your peripheral
  • Customized unique and intuitive touch-screen interfaces for your product’s users at a swipe of the finger.
  • Apple peripherals are exceedingly marketable.

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Advantage Bluetooth Smart v4.0(BLE) Core™

Advantage Bluetooth Smart v4.0(BLE) Core™ (PDF)

Apple Compatible Peripherals
Development & Manufacturing Services

Apple Compatible Peripherals

Advantage is a developer and manufacturer of peripherals for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, iPad. This enables us to shorten your development time and add that "wow factor" to your custom electronic products.

Our qualified engineers design & build electronic devices that connect to and leverage Apple platforms through access to technical documentation, hardware components such as authentication devices, technical support and test labs. We design and manufacture products using communication protocols that connect to and interact with iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.

With broad experience in product development our team has proficiency and deep experience with wireless technologies, sensor systems and the integration of multiple types of technology. We are not a game developer. We are game changers, a domestic hardware and software developer with real world experience. We design and build devices and fully understand the value of your intellectual property. Our engineers design, develop and build high-impact, feature rich, interactive electronics, from body worn prosthetic devices to safety instrumentations that are compatible with iPhone/iPod/iTouch/iPad products

Integrating Apple platforms into your product allows for the immediate incorporation of their advanced control technologies, analytical capabilities and feature rich user interface. As Apple peripheral developers and manufacturers we have experience leveraging the platforms in creating peripherals that attach or communicate to them. All of this provides an important dimension in which to create full-featured products with diverse functionality.

We would like to talk with you about how we can employ our experience with the “i” products to your product design strategies. Apple platforms and toolsets open broad horizons for fresh and exciting approaches to the development of blockbuster electronic products.

User Interface Applications for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Compatible Peripherals

The control elements of a product’s interface are a very important factor. In the case of Apple compatible peripherals applications are written that consist of the now familiar buttons, sliders and switches creating a fluid interface for the user. Through interaction with the operating system on these devices we can also incorporate the use of the built-in accelerometers which respond to rotating or shaking. The user interfaces for our new peripheral designs are based on the concept of multi-touch gestures such as swiping or tapping and direct manipulation, leveraging the strengths of the systems themselves.

As with any new device that operates in conjunction with an iPhone etc, it is necessary to design applications that are specifically written for the specific layers of the operating system. We offer design methods and frameworks that implement best-practices and create innovative, user friendly applications.

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