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Design & Manufacture of Apple Compatible Peripherals

Turnkey Product Build

A full-service design firm with capability in the design and manufacture of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch compatible peripherals we are staffed by experts who will assess your technology needs, and offer complete end-to-end product design which includes Prototype and Production Assemblies.

From beginning to end, we develop and build peripherals that are compatible with Apple made for “i” products, iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

Our low-to-medium volume manufacturing services provide a valuable link in the customers supply chain.

Design and engineering services

Project administration

Accessories & peripherals for Apple’s ‘Phone, iPad and iPod touch product certification testing

FCC, UL, CSA and CE compliance testing

Control of schedule and quality

Materials control

Shipment, transportation



Turnkey Product Build / Manufacturing

Too often money and time are lost in the development and manufacture of electronic products and printed circuit boards because of disjointed relationships between phases of the process. By using Advantage you are joining up with a team-mate that understands the flow of electronic product development projects and will ensure smooth progression and manufacturing success. Ultimately this means better control of your budget and schedule.

Turnkey Product Build Services

Component Kitting

  • RoHS conversions
  • COTS - commercial off-the-shelf components
  • Mil spec components
  • Prototype or production quantities

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

  • Rapid prototyping: 24 hour, three-day and ten-day turn
  • Multi-layer, SMT, through hole
  • Controlled impedance
  • Fine pitch, micro-vias, and buried components
  • RoHS Complaint materials
  • FR-4 materials or high speed materials such as Nelco
  • Flex and Rigid Flex circuits
  • "Special materials" - Gtek, Polyimide, Ceramic
Material Specification Sheets
Isola IS402 Nelco 4000 2 Polyclad 226FR Nelco 4000 11
Isola IS620 Nelco 4000 6 Polyclad 370hr


Assembly, test and inspection are available for all board types noted above. We assemble prototype, pre-production and production quantities and achieve high yield, quality final products.

  • Single and double-sided component boards
  • Multi-Layer complex and susceptible boards
  • Flex-circuit assemblies
  • Die attach and gold wire bond component assemblies
  • Mix of automatic place and hand place assemblies
  • RoHS compliance
  • Process Controls with defect analysis

View a listing of RoHS affected products (pdf version)
View a listing of RoHS affected products (html version)


Box Build & Test

Complete system assembly consists of sub-assemblies such as printed circuit boards, flex circuits, cables, hardware, power supply and external interfaces assembled into an enclosure.

Advantage can implement customer provided test specifications or develop them for you based on the product requirements

  • Test stations and fixtures for specific testing requirements.
  • Manufacturing support test development for support during manufacturing such as functional testing and ICT (In-Circuit-Test).
  • Test Fixtures, with programming code, for use on Hewlett Packard or IET (GenRad) equipment.
  • Environmental tests - drop/shock, altitude, extreme temperature, water-salt.

Also available; Forensics study — we will perform forensics on your existing product problems with assistance in circuit, component, manufacturing or tests recommendations to improve yields and quality.

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