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How Does Vertical Integration Make an Impact in Mobile Technology?

Mobile app development dovetails perfectly with our core business, (electronic product development). We have kicked into a higher gear and taken another floor of the building for mobile app development. Advantage has been doing vertical integration between Apple platforms and our own designs that connect to, or work with, your iPhone/iPod/iPad and various touch devices since the technology became possible. This positions us to leverage our expertise and experience with high-performance solutions. The competencies and skill sets for mobile applications are different from hardware development and writing applications which communicate with and control hardware offers the added advantages of mobility, convenience and cost.

Mobile applications are rapidly turning into high performance business instruments. The world has gone mobile and consumers use mobile devices in fresh and innovative ways. We adhere to standards, user experience and expectations, as well as technical challenges that set us apart as we to insert functionality into mobile devices. Our whole-product approach prompted us to bridge the difference under one roof in a natural expansion into both areas.

Technology seems to progress at a faster rate than consumer demands. More than just a fancier cell phone, (faster bandwidth, lower costs, longer battery life, increased storage, more features and faster processors) mobile computing, smart phones and tablets that are redefining interactive devices but there other peripherals and accessories that are controlled through those devices that are setting the pace for the new generation of mobile devices. When one company can develop the end product as well as its component parts from a napkin idea to the manufactured product the frontiers between mobile development and hardware development are greatly improved. By pairing external hardware devices with mobile phones we design and develop a mobile app that adds functionality to the innovative devices we develop.

Does your mobile-specific project require convenience and mobility at a lowest possible cost? We design and develop a wide variety of custom hardware that involves pairing of mobile phones with external hardware devices and becomes an extension to mobile devices.

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The GroundHound

Mobile Applications Development & Manufacturing Services


As a domestic hardware and software developer with real world experience, Advantage Electronic Product Development recognized a surging trend for interactive control elements in a product’s interface. We have expanded to include Advantage Mobile Application Development. We take apps seriously ... because the lives we interact with often depend upon us. We are not a game developer. We are game changers.

We design, develop and build feature-rich, build high-impact interactive electronic devices that operate in conjunction with an iPhone, iPad, iPod or other smartphones. Using established best practices in smartphone and tablet device application development, our team of mobile software engineers take unprecedented, full advantage of the internal sensor, processing and communication capabilities found in Apple platforms for peripherals that attach or communicate with them. Intuitive devices are found in over 1 billion hands, world-wide, completing the circle of user experience and delivering unparalleled hands-on control for your advanced hardware accessory. We deliver custom mobile application engineering solutions for demanding projects and create hardware and mobile software solutions such as:

Your project is not standard and it will demand exacting performance each time your user turns your mobile app on. We design fun accessories that interact with Android or iPhone, iPod, iPad but when the very safety of your user, or teams of coordinators around the user, might depend upon the interaction they have, what you seek is intelligent application deployment backed with over 20 years of engineering excellence and this is why you are here. The Apple framework allows us to implement fun key features in a creative infrastructure that interacts with your device.

Unlike mobile game, database or web-focused developers, Advantage Mobile Application Development specializes in bringing to life the 80% of hardware functions that go untapped on smartphones with utilization of the accelerometer, magnetometer, proximity and gyroscopic sensor equipment as well as many other readily-available, yet under-deployed sensor arrays such as ambient light and conductivity detection equipment on board mobile hardware, we do, while working in close partnership with the veteran Advantage hardware development team, go places few others even can with equipment designed, built and coupled to nearly any mobile device and create for your team a completely self-sufficient, localized, network-independent, programmable interface capable of adjusting to various environmental and situational conditions.

Our clients have come to expect the level of ease they are accustomed to in interactive electronics with simple interfaces and the vast capability with their mobile applications. Nobody wants convoluted interfaces or clunky hardware. Besides that … Apple peripherals are exceedingly marketable.

What does this mean for the safety-critical, resource management and advanced consumer electronic sectors? It means that with Advantage, your dream of a simple yet powerful mobile-to-hardware bridge is actualized. It means seamlessly connecting teams of remote operators using equipment they already have in their pockets assuring rapid product acceptance, market penetration and field deployment. It means you’ve found your development partner. Our tight-knit, in-house team is comprised of circuit-level and high-level programming specialists and we understand your need for a complete, no-nonsense, turnkey solution that can connect your user's mobile device to local hardware, other mobile devices or to the world itself via advanced, custom-built web-independent networking solutions and we are ready to meet your project's rigorous requirements.

When mobile application development project requirements need more interconnectivity and data interpretation capabilities than a simple web-based or local database app can provide, when they soar beyond pocket games, when every bit of data counts and when the very safety of the operator is at hand, Advantage Mobile Application Development is the trusted partner of choice called upon by industry leaders. In our labs, we approach every project with measured analysis for the task and environment at hand and upmost respect for the personalities we will interact with on your behalf.

We operate within well-documented, streamlined code that is able to function independently despite such everyday hiccups as third-party network dropouts, battery drain and other conditions that throw off second-hand code. When your customer needs to remotely operate a commercial drone from an iPad, check in on and adjust the current energy efficiency of their home from their iPod Touch or communicate with their co-workers within a secure, closed-loop, localized network utilizing the RFID transponder found in their Droid phone, then the US-based mobile applications developer you can trust for the project is Advantage Mobile Development.

Contact us today to find out what we can do to make your mobile device start working for you. Advantage is waiting to talk about how we can apply our experience with the “i” products to your electronic product design strategies. Our platforms and toolsets open unexplored horizons for exciting fresh advances in the development of megahit electronic products.

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Advantage Bluetooth Smart v4.0(BLE) Core™

Advantage Bluetooth Smart v4.0(BLE) Core™ (PDF)


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